Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So, I had to post something today, 9/9/09. I've heard a lot of takes on it, I've heard some people say that it doesn't or shouldn't have significance because the calendar is man-made. I think that it has as much significance as you want it to have. All things that have significance do so because we make it so. We assigned attributes to the number nine in the first place, or the number three (the triple goddess, the holy trinity, etc). I believe that numbers, words, symbols, have great power, because we give them power, both mystical and mundane. Think about the swastika. It is originally found in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain images, as a symbol for well being. Now, it is associated with hate, violence, racism, terror, and genocide. The meaning of the symbol changed, because of human influence.
My point is, all symbols, words, numbers, etc are meaningful if you want them to be. So, if 999 is meaningful to you, then great. If it isn't, that's ok too.
9 is my favorite number, because it consists of three sets of three. So 999 is three sets of three sets of three. So I like to think of today as good luck, because my favorite numbers are in alignment. So I'm going to draw on that good luck energy, and use it to increase my happiness, health, and prosperity.
Blessed Be,

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