Monday, February 8, 2010

Shameless Promotion.

I just wanted to take a moment to plug my other blog here, I don't think I have before. My other blog is called Bonbon de Sucre, it's a Gothic Lolita and historical fashion blog. I don't know if you know what Gothic Lolita is, but to briefly describe it; Gothic Lolita is a style of fashion that originated in japan. The idea is to dress sort of doll-like, a younger, innocent sort of look. It is heavily influenced by Rococo and Victorian fashion (which I also love). Think Alice in Wonderland meets Marie Antoinette meets Fairy tales. Here are a couple of pics:

These are some examples of Sweet, Gothic, and Classic Lolita, three of the main styles. Although Gothic Lolita shares a name with Vladimir Nabikov's novel, Lolita, they are not related. They way I understand it, the name Lolita was adopted by the Japanese when gothic Lolita first started, refering to a precocious young girl. It is not fetish, or meant to attract older men. It is simply a fashion style, for girls (and sometimes guys) who love the romantic, fairy tale look. 
I also talk about historical fashion on my blog, as well as costuming (I'm going to post about the costumes from Wicked next), as well as crafts. I do lots of craft projects, and I usually post them there. The latest one I did was Victorian Silhouttes. 
Check it out if you are interested in interesting fashions, or old-fashioned crafts. Thanks for bearing with me and my shameless promotion!


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