Monday, February 15, 2010

Wicked Review

On the 6th, Nick and I went to see the touring performance of Wicked. The show was amazing. I have never seen a performance as magnificent as that before, it was truly wonderful. The actors were great (the woman who played Elphaba joined the touring cast straight from broadway), the costumes were amazing, and the story was beautiful.

As far as stories about witches go, this one was pretty good. The main theme of it was whether people are born wicked, or become wicked. Witchcraft itself was never portrayed negatively. Elphaba's spells turned out different from what she intended sometimes, and she sometimes could not control her powers. The former is particularly true when it comes to real witchcraft. It's so important to really think a spell through, as I'm sure most of you know, or things could turn out differently from what you wanted.

Overall, I will give this play an extremely positive review. It was truly amazing. I would strongly recommend it to witches, musical theatre lovers, and anyone else, really.

Blessed Be,


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