Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summer and the Element of Fire

Since fire is the element associated with summer, I've decided to do a seasonal theme here at the Hedge Witch's Garden. I'll post spells, recipes, etc. that are fiery in nature.

Here are some things associated with fire (I took these from Asiya's Shadows at :

Direction - south
Gender - male
Energy - projective, pro-active
Qualities - hot and dry, light and active
Colors - red, orange
Power of the Sphinx [also referred to The Four Words of the Magi] - to dare
Point of pentagram - Lower right
Season - summer
Hour of day - Noon
Time of life - young adulthood
Elemental spirit - salamanders
Nature - fire, sun, stars, volcanoes
Part of body - heart, spine
Human senses - sight
Keys - Light Principle, Action
Virtues - courageous, self-assertive, chivalrous, enthusiastic, passionate, experienced, virile, energetic, daring, faithful
Vices - self-centered, ruthless, fanaticism, vindictiveness, anger, hatred, stubborn, greed, jealous, vengeful, resentful, egotistical
Excess - hot, hyper, flitting thoughts, insomnia, anger, dominating, egotistic, violent
Stage in the cycle of creation - the desire or Will to manifest the idea, the driving life force, the principle of change and transformation.
Emotions - intense and urgent, but usually passing quickly: desire, anger, joy, panic. Without Fire to prod the other elements along, the world would likely settle into a rather uninteresting fixed state.

Blessed Be!

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